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Brand Performance Booster

The Brand Performance Booster is a comprehensive approach developed by Smart Pharma Consulting to optimize brand sales dynamics. It is based on the integration of three individual frameworks: the Brand Preference Mix, the Behavioral Prescriber Segmentation, and the Individual Prescriber Plan

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Brand Preference Mix

The Brand Preference Mix is a framework that can be used to increase market share through the establishment of a strong and sustainable brand preference from prescribers and/or pharmacists

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Behavioral Prescriber Segmentation

The Behavioral Prescriber Segmentation is a framework that can be used to sharpen the effectiveness and efficiency of promotional investments. It is based on the dynamic assessment of each prescriber’s prescription potential and permeability to promotion

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Individual Prescriber Plan

The Individual Prescriber Plan is a framework that can be used to structure and formalize a prescriber-centric strategy to secure brand preference and long-term engagement. Objectives are set by individual prescriber and the appropriate promotional activities to meet these objectives are then defined

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Sales Techniques Application for Results

The objective of the Sales Techniques Application for Results (STAR) program is to help sales reps improve the impact of their communication during calls. The STAR program was designed to bring tangible results for sales reps regarding their own performance and therefore for pharmaceutical companies

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