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Brand Performance Booster

How to Outperform Competitors?

Why Boost Brand Performance and How?

The slowdown in growth of the pharmaceutical market, under the pressure of both regulators and payers, calls for pharmaceutical companies to focus their efforts on gaining market share. In order to achieve this objective, pharmaceutical companies should optimize their sales dynamics.

Smart Pharma Consulting conceived the Brand Performance Booster (BPB) to help companies ensure consistency between market reality and the promotional activities to implement in order to boost brand sales.

The Brand Performance Booster is a unique approach based on three individual frameworks devised by Smart Pharma Consulting:

The Brand Performance Booster is an integrated approach where each individual framework is linked to the others and reinforces the overall impact.

Brand Preference Mix

The Brand Preference Mix is the central pillar of the Brand Performance Booster. It is a framework that should allow pharmaceutical companies to increase brand preference by thoroughly understanding the way in which prescribers perceive the value of their brands.

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Behavioral Prescriber Segmentation

The Behavioral Prescriber Segmentation is a framework that can be used by pharmaceutical companies to optimize the efficacy and efficiency of their promotional investments through the segmentation of prescribers.

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Individual Prescriber Plan

The Individual Prescriber Plan is a framework to help pharmaceutical companies express their strategic priorities and tactics in terms of value created for prescribers and to better allocate resources on those activities that create the most value for prescribers.

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