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Individual Prescriber Plan

How to Formalize Tailor-Made Promotional Activities for an Optimal Efficiency


Pharmaceutical companies must place prescribers at the core of their business organization in order to make their brands the preferred ones (i.e. highly valued and unique in the mind of prescribers). As such, they should adopt prescriber-centric strategies to secure Brand Preference and foster long-term engagement from prescribers (i.e. active loyalty). The Individual Prescriber Plan is an essential tool to structure and formalize those strategies.

The Individual Prescriber Plan (IPP) is built around prescribers, who represent the most important customer category in the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the type of products, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and patients can all be considered “prescribers”.

A prescriber-centric strategy should not only be concerned with identifying and responding to prescriber needs, but should also be aimed at building a positive experience with the company, the brand/product and the associated services in the mind of prescribers.

To develop an IPP, pharmaceutical companies should first gather deep insight regarding prescribers’ needs, motivation, behavior and experience so that they can develop appropriate strategies and tactics to intensify the positive perception from prescribers.

This approach allows pharmaceutical companies to tailor their promotional activities down to the prescriber level and to assess whether what is communicated and offered to prescribers will create long-lasting brand preference.

Note: External influencers, such as health authorities, politicians, Sick Funds, private health insurance, patient advocacy groups, professional associations, pharmaceutical companies, Key Opinion Leaders, etc. may also play an essential role through their impact on prescribers’ behavior.


The Individual Prescriber Plan (IPP) is structured like a brand plan, but the analyses are carried out from the prescriber’s perspective.

The IPP approach is based on a 3-step process:


The IPP is a framework to help pharmaceutical companies express their strategic priorities and tactics in terms of value created for prescribers.

The IPP makes it possible to design a fine-tuned “business plan” for each (key) prescriber, in such a way that promotional efficacy and efficiency are optimized. The quality of execution can be tracked with Activity-Based Indicators (ABIs) and the performance measured with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Prescriber insight can be turned into a competitive advantage by favoring those promotional activities that promote sustainable brand preference while resources can be better aligned by focusing on those activities that create the most value for prescribers.