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Sales Techniques Application for Results

How to Improve the Efficiency of Detailing


The  Sales Techniques Application for Results (STAR) program was designed to help sales reps improve the impact of detailing on prescriptions through a robust knowledge of promoted products and their environment (competitors-pathologies-authorities) as well as a solid grasp of sales techniques. The STAR Program can bring tangible results for sales reps in terms of their own performance and therefore, more broadly, that of pharmaceutical companies.

The program should be:


The STAR program encompasses both a training dimension (sales techniques) and a management process dimension (sales forces management). Modules differ according to the position of peoples in the organization:

Key performance indicators (KPIs) enable pharmaceutical companies to track the level and evolution of performance.

Sales techniques can be split according to the three time periods of detailing: before, during, and after the call:


The STAR program, through the systematic application of sales techniques, has a positive impact on the efficiency and efficacy of detailing. As such, each message has a stronger impact and the overall performance improvement is noticeable.