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Multi-stakeholder action plans

Smart Pharma Consulting expertise

Smart Pharma Consulting has assisted numerous pharmaceutical companies in devising marketing strategies targeted at hospital clients.

Why collaborate with Smart Pharma Consulting?

The factors driving the product listings and prescriptions differ among hospitals and products; therefore, it is essential for pharmaceutical companies to have their medical, marketing and sales teams adopt a specific approach for each hospital and for each product. Since the decision-making processes are complex and evolving, the action plans should improve the understanding of the different teams and their management of hospital products.

The multi-stakeholder action plan framework has been specifically designed for pharmaceutical companies to improve the efficiency of their actions targeting hospitals.

Working out a multi-stakeholder action plan consists in:

  • Defining a performance objective by product and by key hospital
  • Selecting the strategic levers and the corresponding specific actions to achieve that performance
  • Coordinating a multidisciplinary team (Hospital Business Team) in charge of:
    • Defining the factors driving the purchases and the prescriptions (for each product and for each hospital)
    • Managing the implementation of the specific actions as planned by the team
For each product and for each hospital, the "Hospital Business Teams":
  • 1. Evaluate the realized actions (implementation and impact)
  • 2. Work out a detailed multi-stakeholder action plan
  • 3. Perform regular evaluations of the plans' implementations to correct any deviations