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Global Pharmaceutical Market - Outlook 2016-2026

In this new report, available by clicking on this linkwe propose our vision of the global pharmaceutical market by 2026 and our analysis of the strategic implications for pharmaceutical companies.

While the pharmaceutical market will continue to be among the most attractive industrial sectors, the future of pharmaceutical companies will continue to be challenging:

§ Pressure on drug prices will continue to increase, including for breakthrough innovations.

§ Healthcare professionals will increasingly work in networks and use telemedicine routinely.

§ The cost of R&D will increase, registration procedures will harden and expenditures for reimbursed drugs will have to fall within pre-defined budget envelopes.

§ Manufacturing will shift more towards Asia and promotional investments will become more qualitative.

§ The digital operators will constitute a new stakeholder with witch it will be necessary to cope with.

These trends will lead pharmaceutical companies to seek, more than ever before, "strategic spaces" with greater value creation, even if they have to remove from the less attractive ones. In addition, improving their operational efficiencysimplifying their procedures and seeking greater organizational agility are priorities for optimizing future performance.