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Professional Training - February 2017

Program Features

Organized in Paris, from 6th to 10th 2017

Day 1: Strategic thinking applied to companies

§ Evolution of the Worldwide Pharma « Business Model »

§ Changes in the French Pharmaceutical sector

§ Market Access: Principles and "Best Practices"

Day 2: Marketing strategic thinking

§ Product Strategic Planning: SWOT, Brand Strategy Card, etc.

§ Optimization of brand value: Pharma Branding

§ Dynamic prescribers segmentation: Behavioral Prescribers Segmentation (BPS) approach

§ Strategy and creativity (e.g. Blue Ocean Strategy)

Day 3: Marketing tactical thinking

§ "New clients" management (Regional Health Agencies, patients, etc.)

§ Digital marketing and multi-channel approach

§ Optimization of the medico-marketing-sales investments

§ Definition of Activity Based Indicators (ABIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Day 4: Specialized Market segments

§ Marketing of generics and biosimilar products

§ Marketing of OTC products and Rx-to-OTC switches

§ Marketing of mature products

§ Marketing of niche and hospital products

Day 5: Development of managerial skills

§ Sales force management

§ Team leadership

§ Corporate behavior

§ Communication principles

Target Audience

The program is particularly adapted for:

§ Group product managers  Senior product managers 

§ Medico-marketing managers

§ Market Research managers

§ Sales force managers

§ Area managers

Teaching method

§ Training of participants to solve marketing and management problems (based on case studies, enriched by practical exercises)

§ "Educative" challenge (e.g. analytical rigor, relevance of recommendations, structure and quality of the presentation)

§ Management of the 5 days by Jean-Michel Peny (26-year teaching experience in Business Schools and in the Faculty of Pharmacy)

§ Invitation of 10 experienced professionals from the pharmaceutical sector who will participate through short conferences

Key benefits to participants

§ Enhance the understanding of key strategic issues in the Pharmaceutical sector

§ Acquire a better knowledge of strategic and operational marketing specificities

§ Learn how to use the most powerful marketing concepts and strategic analytical tools

§ Improve the quality of market analyses carried out and of the recommendations proposed

§ Acquire the basic principles of management and the way the should be applied in practice

§ Develop skills to communicate through logical and structured presentations

Training fees

 € 7,500 (excl. taxes)

§  Training fees include courses, educational materials, snacks and meals

 §  Training costs do no include travelling and housing

Application conditions

§  Fill-in an application form

§  Validate the adequacy of candidate expectations with program content, during an interview with the Faculty Director

§  Sign a training agreement

§  Return the application and the training agreement to:

   Smart Pharma Institute of Management

    1, rue Houdart de Lamotte – 75015 – Paris



For any further information, please contact:

Jean-Michel Peny

Tél. : 06 11 96 33 78

E-mail :

Internet :