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H2I Program - Create High Impact Interactions with Physicians

The key question regarding medical calls is not to know if this media has a future but to determine how to make it more effective.

Smart Pharma Consulting, that has been working on sales forces effectiveness for many years, has developed the "H2I (High Impact Interactions) program".

This staightforward and didactic program has been designed to help medical representatives - and other customer-facing collaborators - create Exceptional Moments (i.e. medical calls, medical meetings, invitations to conferences / symposiums) likely to impress phyisicians by their usefulness - interest and quality of execution.


H2I program


The H2I program, the presentation of which can be downloaded, is a powerful enabler to help medical representatives become creators of Exceptional Moments.

The H2I program is part of the implementation tools of the brand preference strategy, for which Smart Pharma Consulting has become a recognized expert in the pharmaceutical sector.

Feel free to contact us if you want a presentation of the benefits your medical representatives can draw from the H2I program.