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KOL management

In a context of a generalization of scientific guidelines and medico- economic references written by health authorities, KOLs play an increasing role.

They are not only involved in the drafting of these recommendations but also in their distribution.

Smart Pharma Consulting offers seminars or trainings on KOL management, dedicated to collaborators of pharmaceutical companies and especially from medical, marketing and sales departments.

To optimize your KOLs Management,Smart Pharma Consulting offers a rigorous and pragmatic 4-step approach answering the following key questions:

1 . What to expect from KOLs Management?

2 . What KOL integrate in a KOL Management program?

3 . What actions / interactions implement towards KOLs?

 4 . How to ensure that the management of the relationship with KOLs is effective and efficient?

Download the position paper (in French)