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The Brand Market Acess Plan

– For a better efficiency and effectiveness of your business Market Access –

If the procedures to determine the reimbursement rates and the level of drugs prices are increasingly transparent, they are also becoming more and more complex.

However, beyond the written rules, some intangibles criteria, such as the reputation of the company, the quality of files, the responsiveness of the people involved, etc. play an important role in the decision making.

In this context, Smart Pharma Consulting recommends pharmaceutical companies to plan and strictly control their access to the market through Brand Market Access Plan activities.

The Brand Market Access Plan helps to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of people involved in the market access process.

Like the "Brand Plans", the Brand Market Access Plan provides a number of benefits:

                    A systematic and robust analysis of stakeholders

                   The establishment of shared objectives for the collaborators involved in market access

        The definition of a strategy depending on the most probable scenarios

        The declination  of strategies defined in corresponding activities

        The alignment and the coordination of skills within the company

        A strict control of activities through monitoring indicators

 The quality and the rigor of Brand Market Access Plans offered by Smart Pharma Consulting are at the height of his reputation and issues of market access for pharmaceutical companies.