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What is the real value of digital pharma marketing?

The digital (Internet, mobile, cloud, etc.) has revolutionized the way we live and interact with each other.

Most industries (IT, banking, media, etc.) have adapted their business model, their organization, their management and even their culture in the past 10 years to fit the changing environment.

If pharmaceutical companies have been quite slow to adopt digitization, the healthcare industry will not escape from diving into digital and the whole pharma value chain should be transformed in the short- to mid-terms: R&D, Market Access, Distribution, Sales, Marketing and Communication.

But as of today, in terms of digital transformation for pharma companies, there was no disruption. Companies often only digitalize existing practices, especially regarding the way they promote their drugs and services.

This position paper will focus on the evolution of pharma promotion linked with digital matters and will try to answer to the following questions: