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Regional Business Plan

Smart Pharma Consulting expertise

Drawing on its expertise, Smart Pharma Consulting has conceived a unique framework of “Regional Business Plan” definition in order to help First Line Sales Managers (FLSM) better allocate their time and the resources of the company to achieve their objectives within changing market conditions.

Using the “Advanced SWOT” framework developed by Smart Pharma Consulting, the regional teams can easily:

  • Establish a regional ambition
  • Select strategic priorities to achieve this ambition
  • Identify relevant actions to support those priorities
  • Manage and evaluate the implementation and results of those actions using specific indicators

The "Regional Business Plan" allows for real time adjustment of regional priorities based on environmental changes and company achievements during the year.

Why collaborate with Smart Pharma Consulting?

Based on the analysis of tangible facts and figures, the FLSM will detect:

  • Key market opportunities & threats (from which key success factors will be determined)
  • Key company strengths & weaknesses (compared to competitors)

Based on feasibility and likelihood of success, the FLSM will then select:

  • Key market opportunities to seize
  • Key threats or risks to avoid
  • Key strengths to reinforce/to focus on
  • Key weaknesses to correct

Finally, an action plan, partly shared with MSL (Medical Science Liaison) & KAM (Key Account Manager) will be set and the implementation carefully monitored on a monthly basis (with monthly reports and through a monthly review process).
The Regional Business Plan should be built early in the year and periodically updated.